Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lady GaGa 53rd Grammy Awards.

Everyone goes Gaga with Lady Gaga’s grand entrance in the recently held 53rd annual Grammy Awards in 
Los Angeles, California last February 13, 2011.

Lady Gaga arrives being carried in an egg-shape vessel. According to reports Lady Gaga was preparing for her stage performance while she was inside the egg-vessel, though its not confirm if she stayed in the egg-vessel for 72 hours consecutive or non-consecutive.

Lady Gaga broke out of the egg-vessel on her stage performance singing her new single Born This Way.

Lady Gaga won the awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album.

 Lady Gaga inside the egg-vessel, arriving in the 53rd Grammy Awards red carpet

Lady Gaga picking up her award.

 Lady Gaga, Born This Way Performance. 

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Gay To Function - Guy of the Month - Hayden Kho Jr.

Too Gay To Function Guy of the Month portion is for guys that are hot and for guys that are so loud and noisy of a certain scandals, this are guys that are seeking attention so lets give them some.

To start it with, for this month is Hayden Kho Jr., war words with Mega Star Sharon Cuneta.  Its still fresh the Hayden Kho Jr. and Katrina Halili Scandal, now what does Hayden Kho Jr. wants? 

Is he trying to make a comeback in the entertainment industry by dragging Mega Star Sharon Cuneta in a fight? According to reports he’s not referring to the Mega Star Sexy billboard, then what ? 

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady GaGa - Born This Way

Its valentines Again Again and I'm on Bad Romance mode I just want to go to Disco Heaven and Just Dance, and do Retro, Dance, Freak with the Boys boys boys, fall in love with Alejandro and his Brown eyes and together we will Dance in The Dark. This Monster Love game made me Speechless So happy I could die. 

Yes I'm so GaGa right now ! and have you heard of it already? Lady GaGa's new song! called Born This Way.

Lady GaGa's new song is now available for download visit the official Lady GaGa website for details.
In the meantime you can listen to Born this way audio from YouTube.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentines is coming and its a Big No no, not to give your girl a Valentine Gift, If you fail to do so the next 24 hours of your relationship will be crucial trust me !

So to avoid that to happen, here is my Valentine Gift Idea for your girl, trust me ! I'm gay and I know by heart that she'll love this one.

And I made this Valentine Gift Idea as much as affordable so that it wont hurt your pocket.

Chocolates - We love sweets, I mean, my sisters love sweets. Chocolates is a classic and the easiest to buy specially if your in a rush, but be careful, don't just pick any chocolates, try to be romantic and choose some nice packaging, right now you'll find chocolates in heart shape boxes, this will add romance. try some Ferrero Chocolates.

Flowers - Another classic and romantic gift, my sisters always fall in love when they received flower bouquet. And to make it more romantic you can go for Roses, its the year round favorite flower and the symbol of love. bouquet are a bit expensive depending on the florist shop, I suggest go to Dangwa.

Heart Shape Pendant or Bracelet - My sisters love jewels, so giving her a Heart Shape Pendant or Bracelet will make her more special, you could also engrave your name in the bracelet or on the pendant. I know I said affordable right? now you have plenty of selection to choose from, first suggestion is look for an Avon Lady, you can order both Heart Shape Pendant or Bracelet from Avon. or go to SM Department store accessories section or shops at Greenhills. 

Perfume - Girls love Perfume, so if you happen to know my sisters favorite perfume, giving it for her for Valentine's will be a good idea, now to put some touch of love into it, try to be a little creative, include your message in the box.

Cakes - Just like Chocolates my sisters love cakes as well, now don't go for the traditional ones, its Valentines remember, so there's plenty of flavors and design to choose from. Now if your really in a budget you can buy donuts from Mister Donuts or Dunkin Donuts, during Valentines they offer special donuts and they come in cute packaging just like Ferrero Rocher.

Now these are only suggestions, its still up to you on how you will show and make your girl feel more special, remember Love don't cost a thing.

Happy Valentines !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love love love

What's the most anticipated event in the month of February ?
Its not the Chinese New Year !
not even Kris Aquino's birthday, but close to it.
its the Hearts day ! is the most anticipated day/event in the months of February.

February 14 2011 is Valentine's day, its the day wherein most number of Men are buying flowers or chocolates.

Its the day where the themes in most stores and offices are red,hearts, flowers and cupid.

Its the day wherein cakes in Red Ribbon or Goldilocks are in heart shapes.

Its the day wherein Dunkin Donuts or Mister Donuts are selling special heart shape donuts !

Its the day wherein love songs are played in the radio over and over again !

Its the day wherein motels. hotels, and appartels from around the Metro are fully book !

So for all the lovers out there !

Happy Valentines !

Sharon Cuneta Marie France

From Angelica Panganiban to Cloudine Barretto ! Now guess what !
Hayden Kho Jr. to Mega Star Sharon Cuneta !
Shocking right ?! the likes of Hayden Kho Jr. going up against Mega Star Sharon Cuneta ?! excuse ! me ! Sharonian here !

And again it all started in Tweeter, according to reports from PEP, Hayden Kho Jr. tweeted in his Tweeter account,
 "There's a billboard ad in Edsa developed by advertisers who think consumers are stupid. Guess.",

To which the people thought that Hayden Kho Jr is referring to Mega Star Sharon Cuneta's new Marie France Billboard ad in Edsa.

In an interview the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta explain the idea behind the Billboard.

Just recently according to Hayden Kho, He was not referrring to Mega Star Sharon Cuneta's new Marie France Billboard Ad and tweeted.

"Wow! i wasn't referring to the MF billboard. I was referring to a "L**D" that's supposed to be a LOURDES. Dahan dahan naman po."

according to reports and to other blog sites claiming that Sharon Cuneta's Marie France Billboard was touched and edited to fake the public, knowing Sharon, I don't think she will go that far just to promote a product/services.

Sharon Cuneta has been a product and services endorser since she was a child and she is one of the credible product endorser.

She have done it before, and I'm sure she can do it again, so instead of bashing Sharon Cuneta and Marie France why not you people try it to see for your self.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Angelo Reyes commits suicide, Police confirm

Former Philippine Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes shot himself in the chest. According to reports "He was dead on arrival".

Angelo Reyes was accused for a corruption scandal last week, according to reports he received P50 million send-off money when he retired in 2001 and P5 million montly allowance. He face the public trial last week and was interrogated by Senators particularly Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Humilation might be one of the reason for the late Defense Secretary to commit suicide but its not the best solution to all the scandal he's involved into right now.

Now the Filipino people, almost of us are thinking that he is guilty for the accusation that was thrown at him, I'm sorry but you cant blame the people for thinking that he is guilty after all of what happen, considering his achievements and former position in the Philippine Government, he could have face the scandal rather than killing himself.

Condolence to his family, goodluck to the Phillipine Government and to the officials handling the issue right now, the Filipino people deserved to know the truth.